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Professor Shashiprabha Kumar

Shivdasani Visiting Fellow
Visiting Fellow

Shashiprabha Kumar is presently Chairperson, Special Centre for Sanskrit Studies, JNU, New Delhi. She is an acclaimed Sanskrit Scholar, well versed in classical Indian Philosophy, particularly the system of Vaisesika, which was her area of Ph.D. research. Dr Kumar received the Sri Ramakrishna Sanskrit Award (World Education Foundation, Canada, 2003) for her distinguished and outstanding contribution to Sanskrit research and teaching, and Shankar Puraskar award (K.K.Birla Foundation, New Delhi, 1998) for her first book, Vai'sesika Dar'sana mein Padartha-Nirupana. She has won many other prestigious awards and fellowships. She has written fourteen books and has contributed more than sixty research papers to reputed journals and edited volumes. She has participated in several international conferences and seminars as well as lecturing in India and abroad.