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Professor Mandakranta Bose

Shivdasani Visiting Fellow
Visiting Fellow

Prof. Mandakranta Bose studied Sanskrit in Calcutta (Smrti and Mimamsa) and in Oxford, focusing her research on the Natya-sastras. She taught religion and gender studies in the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. Among her many publications are: Classical Indian Dancing: A Glossary (1970), Movement and Mimesis: The Idea of Dance in the Sanskritic Tradition (1991), Nartananirnaya: A Critical Edition (1991), Faces of the Feminine in Ancient, Medieval and Modern India (2000), Speaking of Dance: The Indian Critique (2001), The Ramayana Revisited (2004). Her most recent work, a critical edition, with translation, of Sangitanarayana, is in press. One of her recent research projects focuses on performances of the Ramayana and she continues to work on editing Sanskrit Sangitasastra texts. Prof Bose is the former director of the Centre for India and South Asia Research at the University of British Columbia, and is an Emeritus Professor there. She is at present teaching as a Visiting Professor at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada.