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Professor Gavin Flood

Academic Director

Prof. Gavin Flood is from Brighton, England. Gavin is responsible for the existing academic programmes of the Centre and for developing new programmes. The Academic Director is the Centre’s contact person and link with the University’s Theology Faculty, Oriental Institute, other faculties, and other scholars of South Asian studies at Oxford. He lectures on Hinduism and other subjects as a member of the Theology Faculty, and offers tutorials for undergraduate and graduate students.

Professor Flood's main work has been on South Asian traditions, particularly Hindu Tantra, and he has research interests in sacred texts, phenomenology, asceticism, and theory and method in the study of religion. He has published papers in Religious Studies journals such as Religion and Numen and in Indological journals such as the Indo-Iranian Journal and the Wiener Zeitschrift für die Kunde Südasiens. The books he has published are: Body and Cosmology in Kashmir Saivism (San Francisco: Mellen Research University Press, 1993); An Introduction to Hinduism (Cambridge University Press, 1996), Beyond Phenomenology: Rethinking the Study of Religion (London: Cassell, 1999), The Ascetic Self: Subjectivity, Memory and Tradition (Cambridge University Press, 2004), and The Tantric Body (Tauris forthcoming 2005). He is the editor of The Blackwell Companion to Hinduism (Oxford: Blackwell, 2003) and general editor of the Routledge series 'Studies in Tantric Traditions.' His current research develops beyond India through re-visiting the idea of 'comparative religion' and in exploring the relation between self, text, and tradition across cultures.