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Dr Jessica Frazier


Dr Jessica Frazier is from Washington DC, USA. Jessica is a Fellow of the Centre and helps to organise lectures and seminars, research projects, conferences, and fellowships. Jessica is also a member of the Centre's teaching staff, tutoring in the Faculty of Theology, and serves as secretary of our Academic Council, our Academic Planning Committee and the Theology Faculty's Study of Religions group.

She was awarded her B.A. and DPhil from Cambridge University and received an MsT in Religion from Oxford University. She is interested in Hinduism, the Nature of Religion, and the Philosophy of Religion, and is the author of Reality, Religion and Passion: Indian and Western Approaches in Hans-Georg Gadamer and Rupa Gosvami (2009), and the Continuum Companion to Hinduism (2010). She is also founding editor of the Journal of Hindu Studies, published by Oxford University Press.