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This year's scholarships

Student Award Ceremony
Student Award Ceremony

The continued growth of the OCHS has seen an increasing number of students engaged in Hindu studies at Oxford. The support offered to such students is essential for the academic integrity and objective representation of the Hindu tradition to both scholars and the public. We are happy to announce several scholarships awarded to students of the OCHS. These scholarships provide an opportunity for students to travel and pursue their research and they make a big difference to their morale and material needs.

The scholarships awarded are as follows:
The Ashvattha Narayan Scholarship of £1,000, sponsored by Giri and Bhisma Rajgopalan, has been awarded to two postgraduate students, Ms Alana Lajoie-O’Malley and Ms Naama Shalom. Both students are studying Sanskrit. With a special interest in the Ayurveda, Alana, who is from Canada, is studying for an M.Phil. in Modern Asian Studies. Naama is an Israeli student doing a D.Phil. in Indology.
The Jiva Goswami Scholarship of £1,000 has been awarded to Rembert Lutjeharms. Currently nearing the end of his D.Phil. thesis, Rembert is also the OCHS librarian and reviews editor of the Journal of Hindu Studies. This scholarship is sponsored by OCHS alumnus Dr Ravi Gupta.
The Gupta Dan Scholarship of £500, which is sponsored by an anonymous donor, has been awarded to Ms Sara Skenazy. Sara is from the USA and is a participant of the Oxford Visiting Student Program. Her research has focused on the philosophy of religion and how different approaches to the study of religion can provide reference points in the investigation of Eastern traditions. A book fund of £50, by the same anonymous donor, was awarded to Tristan Elby, a theology graduate from Cambridge.
Finally, the Pandit Abaji Scholarship of £1,008 sponsored by Raj and Ramila Chauhan, was awarded to Kiyo Okita. Kiyo, who is from Japan, is in the second year of his D.Phil. He is currently spending time at the University of Hamburg studying with Professor Harunaga Isaacson.
The OCHS warmly thanks those who have kindly sponsored these scholarships. These gestures go a long way to ensure the continuation of Hindu studies at Oxford.