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The Wahlstrom Lecture

Mr Todd Wahlstrom, from Denver, Colorado, USA, has established an annual lecture, to be called the Wahlstrom Lecture. Mr Wahlstrom, a long time supporter of the centreis a member of our Benefactors Council.

During a recent visit to Oxford Mr Wahlstrom said, ìIt is important that Hinduism be accorded an excellence of academic study that compares with its profound contribution. I hope that these lectures help contribute to an increased understanding of Hindu culture and open it up for broad discussion.
The inaugral lecture, titled, "Madhvacarya's Mitigated Monotheism", was delivered by Dr Deepak Sarma, Yale University, USA examined the distinguishing characteristics of Madhva Vedanta, a school of Hindu theism that was developed in the 13th century by the teacher, Madhvacraya.