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Thinking Inside the Box: Shivdasani Conference 2009

Scholars at the Shivdasani Conference
Scholars at the Conference

The second OCHS Shivdasani Conference – Thinking Inside the Box: The Concept of a Category in Indian Philosophy – will be held at Somerville College, Oxford on 10–11 October.

This conference explores the use of categories in Indian philosophy, to include linguistic categories, aesthetic and emotional categories, universals and logical categories, metaphysical and ontological categories, and other possible processes of categorisation across different philosophical schools and diverse concepts. The goal is to shed a clear light on the modes of reasoning in the Indian philosophical traditions, illuminating its relation to Western methods, and its unique contribution to philosophy across the globe.
It brings together some of the best thinkers in the field, including Johannes Bronkhorst, Mikel Burley, Jonardon Ganeri, Will Johnson, Eivind Kahrs, Shashiprabha Kumar, Stephen Phillips, and Jan Westerhoff.
Registration is only £15 for the two days and can be done online or by email to
Updated information is available at
This conference is generously sponsored by long-standing OCHS benefactor, Mr Azad Shivdasani.