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OCHS welcomes its new IT Officer


The Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies is pleased to welcome a new team member.

Following our Xmas appeal for funding to improve our infrastructure, Mr Satish Sharma donated himself and his prodigious experience in IT deployment.

Satish, who is also the father of one of our students, Vivek, is now our IT Officer.
He has worked tirelessly since he received our appeal, making multiple trips to Oxford to upgrade hardware and completely revamp our tiring network structure. 
We eagerly look forward to each visit as he always brings good humour and gifts including: 
  • New printer
  • Parts to repair one of our old printers
  • New Modem
  • New backup drive
  • New server
  • New monitors
  • A video card
And vastly improved wifi setup by adding boosters so that all areas of the OCHS are now suitably wireless-enabled
Much of this came from his own collection and the rest from approaching friends with hardware to spare.
It is difficult to emphasise just what a difference these upgrades have made to life at the OCHS.
If you would like to assist Satish in his mission to bring us up to 2012 standards, he can be reached at He is particularly on the lookout for new PCs!