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OCHS courses return to London

After a break of three years, the OCHS Continuing Education courses return to London.

Understanding Hinduism, a seven session course will take place in Central London from 2 May and Harrow from 13 May.

The courses are co-tutored by Dr Nick Sutton and Anuradha Dooney and cover the following sessions.

Session 1: What is Hindu Identity?
Session 2: Origins and Early History of Hinduism
Session 3: Hinduism and Indian History
Session 4: Hindu Scriptures, the Religion of the Vedas
Session 5: Hindu Scriptures: Bhagavad-gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata
Session 6: Hindu Religious Philosophy: the Way of Knowledge
Session 7: Hindu Religious Philosophy: the Way of Devotion
Further information and enrolments are at