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Sastra and Prayoga: Building Bridges Between Text and Performance in the Sanskritic Tradition

Shivdasani Conference 2007
Professor Mandakranta Bose
Sunday, 21 October 2007 - 12:00pm

Session 21 of the 2007 Shivdasani Conference. 

While the general interest of this symposium lies in the relationships between temples, architecture, texts and performance, my presentation focuses on the relation between the formal description and analysis of dance and its practice. My discussion draws exclusively upon the primary source material for our knowledge of the performing arts of India, that is, the extensive body of Sanskrit texts on dance, drama and music.

I must also clarify here that I understand the term “dance” as a hybrid performance genre that consists of non-mimetic action, natta, as well as mimetic representation, natya, and narrative action, natya. But let me first try to bring this discussion closer than it might appear to the theme of the temple in the Indian imaginary.

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