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Previous lectures

Dr Himanshu Prabha Ray 8 Nov 2005 The shrine in early Hinduism: The changing sacred landscape Download
Dr David Washbrook 16 Nov 2005 Rationalism, atheism and Hinduism in dravidian India, c.1920-90 Download
Dr Himanshu Prabha Ray 17 Nov 2005 The biography of temple complexes Download
Dr Jessica Frazier 23 Jan 2006 Action movies and American ideals: The growth of Buddhism in Hollywood Download
Professor Gavin Flood 25 Jan 2006 Theories of the text seminar series (four lectures)
Dr Walter Armbrust 6 Feb 2006 The neo-Islamicisation of public space in Egyptian cinema and television
Dr T. Proferes 17 Feb 2006 The poetics of sovereignty in early Vedic liturgies Download
Professor George Pattison 27 Feb 2006 The mediator: The priest in film Download
Dr Angelika Malinar 2 Mar 2006 Interconnecting parallel times: Notions of time in the Caitanya tradition of Hinduism Download
Dr J. S. Hirst 2 Mar 2006 The adequacy of language: Re-evaluating Shankara's understanding of the Veda Download
Jessica Hines 6 Mar 2006 Shouting at Shiva: Religion in the films of Amitabh Bachchan Download
Jonathan Edelmann 25 Apr 2006 A way to relate Hinduism and science
Professor Mandakranta Bose 2 May 2006 Images and ideas of the goddess in the Hindu tradition Download
Professor T.S. Rukmani 4 May 2006 Value ethics in the early Upanishads: A hermeneutic exercise Download
Jean-Marie Schmitt 8 May 2006 The place of devotion and grace in Shankara's soteriology Download
Professor Mandakranta Bose 9 May 2006 Women poets of Hinduism
Dr Rembert Lutjeharms 16 May 2006 A cherished gem or a bitter fruit? Renunciation in Kavikarnapura's Caitanya-candrodaya-nataka Download
Dr William Johnson 18 May 2006 Playing around with Sakuntala: Translating Sanskrit drama for performance Download
Professor T.S. Rukmani 19 May 2006 The concept of nivrtti as translated in the lives of women in Hinduism: A survey (as part of 'Towards equality: writing/reading gender in texts of Hinduism' workshop) Download
Professor Mandakranta Bose 19 May 2006 Texts of Hindu sacred law and the construction of women's lives (as part of 'Towards equality: writing/reading gender in texts of Hinduism' workshop) Download
Dr Sanjukta Gupta 19 May 2006 Towards equality: Women neither as goddess nor as victim (as part of 'Towards equality: writing/reading gender in texts of Hinduism' workshop)
Professor Graham M. Schweig 30 May 2006 The Bhagavad-gita: Innovations and challenges in its translation Download
Shaunaka Rishi Das 30 May 2006 Beyond the image: Hinduism in the media
Kiyokazu Okita 12 Oct 2006 Baladeva vidyabhusana's Premeya-ratnavali and the issue of lineage Download
Professor Gavin Flood 17 Oct 2006 Theories of the text series (five lectures) Lecture 1, Lecture 2, Lecture 3, Lecture 4, Lecture 5