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Previous lectures

Jean-Marie Schmitt 18 Jan 2005 Indian and Western approaches to the mystery of consciousness
Dr Sepehr Hafizi 25 Jan 2005 Psychiatric views on consciousness
Professor Gavin Flood 25 Jan 2005 Hinduism II lecture series: Yoga, bhakti, tantra (eight lectures)
Professor K. Maheswaran Nair 27 Jan 2005 The dvaita-advaita controversy Download
Jonathan Edelmann 1 Feb 2005 Vaishnava views on consciousness in dialogue with the west
Professor Ursula King 7 Feb 2005 Hinduism and women Download
Professor K. Maheswaran Nair 8 Feb 2005 Advaita: Vedantic and materialistic Download
Christopher Wallis 8 Feb 2005 Saivite views on consciousness Download
Jean-Marie Schmitt 22 Feb 2005 Advaita views on consciousness
Professor K. Maheswaran Nair 24 Feb 2005 Advaita Vedanta and the Kerala renaissance of the 19th century Download
Professor Richard Gombrich 1 Mar 2005 Buddhist views on consciousness Download
Professor K. Maheswaran Nair 7 Mar 2005 Advaita-tattvam (delivered in Sanskrit) Download
Dr Jessica Frazier 8 Mar 2005 Conclusions: Mapping the mind in India and the West Download
Remy Delage 10 Mar 2005 Pilgrimage as a geographic ritual in South Indian Hinduism Download
Professor Ashok Aklujkar 28 Apr 2005 Semantic history of Vedanta and its implications for the study of Indian philosophy Download
Professor Ashok Aklujkar 1 May 2005 Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky and Sanskrit Download
Professor Pratap Kumar 1 May 2005 Hinduism II: Bhakti through vernacular traditions (eight lectures) Lecture 1, Lecture 2, Lecture 3, Lecture 4
Dr Brian Black 3 May 2005 Female speakers in the Upanishads and Mahabharata Download
Professor Ashok Aklujkar 12 May 2005 Yoga and vyaakarana Download
Professor Ashok Aklujkar 12 May 2005 Philosophy's linguistic turn Download
Dr Nilima Chitgopekar 19 May 2005 Dextrous deity, diffident devotee: A study of the Shivanadalahari
Dr Nilima Chitgopekar 2 Jun 2005 The devotion to and puissance of beauty: The case of the Saundaryalahari
Professor Gavin Flood 20 Oct 2005 Hinduism I series: Themes and textual sources (eight lectures) Lecture 1, Lecture 2, Lecture 3, Lecture 4, Lecture 5, Lecture 6, Lecture 7, Lecture 8
Dr Himanshu Prabha Ray 27 Oct 2005 Narratives in stone: The Ramayana in early deccan Download
Dr Himanshu Prabha Ray 1 Nov 2005 Colonial knowledge, archaeological reconstructions: The discovery of the Hindu temple in 19th-20th century India Download