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Jean-Marie Schmitt 22 Feb 2005 Advaita views on consciousness
Professor K. Maheswaran Nair 8 Feb 2005 Advaita: Vedantic and materialistic Download
Christopher Wallis 8 Feb 2005 Saivite views on consciousness Download
Professor Ursula King 7 Feb 2005 Hinduism and women Download
Jonathan Edelmann 1 Feb 2005 Vaishnava views on consciousness in dialogue with the west
Professor K. Maheswaran Nair 27 Jan 2005 The dvaita-advaita controversy Download
Dr Sepehr Hafizi 25 Jan 2005 Psychiatric views on consciousness
Professor Gavin Flood 25 Jan 2005 Hinduism II lecture series: Yoga, bhakti, tantra (eight lectures)
Jean-Marie Schmitt 18 Jan 2005 Indian and Western approaches to the mystery of consciousness
Jonathan Edelmann 18 Jan 2005 Indian and Western approaches to the mystery of consciousness Download
Dr Jessica Frazier 18 Jan 2005 Indian and Western approaches to the mystery of consciousness
Professor Vasantha Rangachar 18 Nov 2004 In Hindu tradition is gaming and gambling fun or a sin? Download
Professor Vasantha Rangachar 11 Nov 2004 Consulting God through boards and gaming pieces
Professor Vasantha Rangachar 4 Nov 2004 Do games and play have a religious character? Download
Professor Vasantha Rangachar 28 Oct 2004 Board games a metaphor for spiritual growth Download
Professor Vasudha Narayanan 21 Oct 2004 A poet and a philosopher: Two women in the Sri Vaishnava tradition Download
Professor Vasudha Narayanan 19 Oct 2004 Transnational religion: Hindu traditions in Cambodia, 5th-12th centuries Download
Professor Pratap Kumar 18 Oct 2004 Hindus in the diaspora: Their histories and traditions (six lectures) Lecture 1, Lecture 2, Lecture 3, Lecture 4, Lecture 5, Lecture 6
Dr Deepak Sarma 15 Oct 2004 Modernity and Madhva Vedanta: The beginning or the end of an esoteric tradition? Download
Rev. Dr Murray Rogers 11 Jun 2004 Fifty years of ashram life: Reminiscences from jyotiniketan Download
Dr Jessica Frazier 3 Jun 2004 Continental philosophy and Hindu devotion: Towards a metaphysics of passion
Savita Bhanot 28 May 2004 Second generation Hindus: Foreign diplomats in the everyday melas of the multiculture
Professor George Pattison 27 May 2004 A Christian understanding of monotheism: In conversation with Hindu perspectives Download
Dr Brian Goodwin 26 May 2004 Science and religion seminar: Cultural myths, biological forms, and subjective qualities: Western and Hindu views on the philosophy of biology Lecture 1, Lecture 2
Dr Madhuvanti Ghose 21 May 2004 De-mystifying the divine: The early Brahmanical pantheon Download