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Previous lectures

Professor Gavin Flood 18 Oct 2007 Hinduism One, Part 2 Download
Dr Jessica Frazier 12 Oct 2007 Key thinkers in the study of religion Part 1 Download
Professor Gavin Flood 11 Oct 2007 Hinduism One, Part 1 Download
Dr Nilima Chitgopekar 31 May 2007 The power of divine beauty: A study of the Saundaryalahari
Professor Francis X. Clooney, SJ 18 May 2007 Making room for the goddess: A theology of Sri in fourteenth-century South India Download
Professor Francis X. Clooney, SJ 17 May 2007 Comparative theology as intellectual and spiritual practice Download
Dr Sangeetha Menon 14 May 2007 The concept of Hindu philosophy Download
Dr Shashiprabha Kumar 14 May 2007 Twentieth-century Sanskrit commentaries on the Vaisesikasutras Download
Professor T.S. Rukmani 11 May 2007 How much of yoga did Shankara accept in his formulation of Advaita Vedanta
Dr Shashiprabha Kumar 10 May 2007 Sabda as pramana in Vaisesika Download
Dr Anne-Marie Gaston 7 May 2007 The dancing Shiva as a focus for teaching cultural diversity Download
Dr Sangeetha Menon 7 May 2007 The dance of emotions Download
Dr Sangeetha Menon 3 May 2007 Beyond love and love beyond: Hindu and Western ideas of love Download
Professor Gavin Flood 1 May 2007 An introduction to Hindu tantrism (four lectures) Lecture 1, Lecture 2, Lecture 3, Lecture 4
Dr Shashiprabha Kumar 30 Apr 2007 The concept of dharma in Vaisesika Download
Pulane Lizzie Motswapong 30 Apr 2007 A super-gift or a conduit: The place of a daughter in the Indian marriage exchange Download
Dr Sangeetha Menon 27 Apr 2007 Neurons, experience, and being: A discussion on consciousness Download
Dr Shashiprabha Kumar 26 Apr 2007 Consciousness and cognition in Vaisesika Download
Dr Daud Ali 27 Feb 2007 The Subhasita as a social artifact Download
Nicholas Bamford 27 Feb 2007 Towards a comparative theology of the person Download
Dr Alex Watson 8 Feb 2007 What did Ramakantha contribute to the Buddhist-Brahmanical atman debate? Download
Dr Kenneth Valpey 25 Jan 2007 Icon and murti (four seminars) Lecture 1, Lecture 2
Professor Gavin Flood 25 Jan 2007 Hinduism II series (eight lectures) Lecture 1, Lecture 2, Lecture 3, Lecture 4, Lecture 5, Lecture 6, Lecture 7, Lecture 8
Dr Matthew Steenberg 25 Jan 2007 Icon and murti (four seminars) Lecture 1, Lecture 2
Professor M Narasimhachary 30 Nov 2006 Understanding the Pancaratra Download