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Dr Jessica Frazier 2 Nov 2007 Key thinkers in the study of religion Part 4 Download
Dr Jessica Frazier 26 Oct 2007 Key thinkers in the study of religion Part 3 Download
Professor Gavin Flood 25 Oct 2007 Hinduism One, Part 3 Download
Dr Adam Hardy 21 Oct 2007 The Dance Performed by the Temple: the Dynamics of Hindu Temple Architecture Download
Dr Avanthi Meduri 21 Oct 2007 Temple Texts and Cultural Performances in South Asia Download
Dr Alessandra Lopez y Royo 21 Oct 2007 Performing Konarak, Performing Hirapur Download
Professor John Stratton Hawley 21 Oct 2007 Seeing the Bhakti Movement Download
Professor T.S. Rukmani 21 Oct 2007 Hindu Samnyasins in the Temple Context Download
Dr Davesh Soneji 21 Oct 2007 Colonial Modernity, Memory and the Devadasi Dance Tradition of the Viralmalai Murukan Temple Download
Professor Mandakranta Bose 21 Oct 2007 Sastra and Prayoga: Building Bridges Between Text and Performance in the Sanskritic Tradition Download
Dr Lisa Nadine Owen 21 Oct 2007 Absence and Presence: Worshipping the Jina at Ellora Download
Professor Patrick Olivelle 21 Oct 2007 The Temple in Sanskrit Legal Literature Download
Professor John E. Cort 21 Oct 2007 The Ritual Culture Of Temples And Icons in Jainism Download
Dr Shailendra Bhandare 20 Oct 2007 Temple Sponsorship and Money Use in Early Medieval Deccan Download
Professor Gavin Flood 20 Oct 2007 Welcome Address Download
Dr Sandrine Gill 20 Oct 2007 The Social Impact of Hindu Temples in East Bengal under the Mughals Download
Dr Parul Pandya-Dhar 20 Oct 2007 The Ambika Temple at Jagat: A Biographical Sketch Download
Dr Devangana Desai 20 Oct 2007 Textual Tradition and the Temples of Khajuraho Download
Dr Himanshu Prabha Ray 20 Oct 2007 Creating Religious Identity: The Archaeology of Early Temples in the Malaprabha Valley Download
Dr Indra Sengupta 20 Oct 2007 Sacred Space and the Making of Monuments in Colonial Orissa Download
Dr Sanjay Garg 20 Oct 2007 Money of the Gods: The Religious Tokens of India Download
Dr Adam Hardy 20 Oct 2007 The Indian Temple: Production, Place, Patronage Download
Dr Natalia R. Lidova 20 Oct 2007 Yajna and Puja: A Comparison of the Ritual Archetypes Download
Dr David Smith 20 Oct 2007 The Style and Aesthetics of Indian Erotic Temple Sculpture Download
Dr Jessica Frazier 19 Oct 2007 Key thinkers in the study of religion Part 2 Download