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John Schiepers

BA in Classics - Trinity College, Dublin (2010)

John is pursuing a BA in Sanskrit.

Sheena Rastogi

Sheena was pursuing a BSc in Biology of Medicine from the College of New Jersey. She studied Endocrinology and Philosophy of Hinduism at Oxford.

Kyle Patrick O'Brien

BA in Politics- University of San Francisco (2009-2013)

At Oxford, Kyle concentrated on Theology, Philosophy and English Literature

Casey Alexandra Kemp

BA in Religious Studies - University of Canterbury, NZ (2007)
MPhil in Religious Studies - University of Oxford (2009)
Casey is pursuing a DPhil in Buddhist studies. Her areas of academic concentration include Tantra, and Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy.

Gopal Hari Gupta

BSc in Electrical Engineering - Boise State University (2001)
MSc in Artificial Intelligence - Boise State University (2004)
MSt in Science and Religion - Oxford University (2009)
Gopal is pursuing a Science and Hinduism. His research interests include conceptions of conciousness, nature and divine agency in classical Hindu thought.

Tiffany Donohue

Tiffany is studying History, Theology and Philosophy at Oxford.

Rebecca Aier

Rebecca was studying for a BA in International Relations at Stanford University.

She studied Philosophy of Eastern Religions while at Oxford.

Dr Ravi Gupta

BA in Philosophy - Boise State University (1999)
B.Sc. in Mathematics - Boise State University (1999)
MSt in the Study of Religion - Oxford University (2000)
D.Phil. in Hinduism - University of Oxford (2004)
Ravi's thesis focused on the early development of Vedanta philosophy in the Chaitanya Vaishnava tradition, based on original manuscript sources.
Ravi was our youngest student, entering Oxford University at the age of 17. He has won a number of prestigious awards including: a full Yate Scholarship from the University Theology Faculty and St.

Dr Kenneth Valpey

BA (honours) in Religious Studies - University of California (1996)
MA in the Cultural and Historical Study of Religion - Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley (1998)
M.St. in the Study of Religion - Oxford University (2000)
D.Phil. - Oxford University (2004)
His dissertation was entitled The Grammar and Poetics of Murti-Seva: Caitanya Vaisnava Image Worship as Discourse, Ritual, and Narrative.
In 2006 Dr Valpey's dissertation was published in revised form with the Routledge/OCHS Hindu Studies Series as a monograph entitled Attending Krsna’s Image: Caitanya Vaisnava Murti-seva as