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Erik Ranstrom

Erik Ranstrom in a Visiting Student from Boston College where he is currently studying for a PhD in Comparative Theology. His interests include Hindu-Christian dialogue and 20th Century Catholic engagement with Vedanta.

Josephine Brill

BA in Mathematics and Economics - Drake University (1980)

MA in Economics - Cornell University (1984)

Josephine is studying for a MSt in Oriental Studies. Her areas of focus are Sanskrit, Sastra, Genre and Metarules.  

Kunchok Dolma

BA in English Literature and Politics - The City University of New York (2009)

Kunchok is pursuing a MPhil in International Relations.

Moriah Rekel Hernandez

Moriah studied macroeconomics and Hinduism. Her area of  academic interest was Macroeconomics in Medicine.

Christopher Wallis

BA in Religion - University of Rochester (2001)
MA - UC Berkley (2003)
M Phil inClassical Indian Religions - University of Oxford (2005)
Christopher's main areas of interest were Shaivism, Tantric Shaivism, and Veda.

Manjari Talent

BA in Anthropology - University of California (1996)
MSt in the Study of Religion - Oxford University (2000)
MSt Thesis: An Analysis of Challenges to the Validity of the Tattva-sandarbha as Representative of the Philosophy of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.
Manjari is presently living in India studying Sanskrit and Hindi and working for a publishing company which specializes in English translations of Sanskrit and Bengali Gaudiya Vaishnava literature. 

Daniel Bender Saver

BA in Religious Studies and Urdu - SOAS (1993)

Daniel studied at the Univesity of Caifornia, Berkeley, USA, where he majored in Religious Studies and Classics.
Daniel was a visiting student to Oxford studying Hinduism and Latin Literature during his stay. 

Ashiyana Nariani

Ashiyana was a visiting student to Oxford studying Hinduism, Hindi and Mathematics during her stay.



Trent Moyer

Trent was on a visiting student program of religion and political change from George Mason University in Virginia.

At Oxford he studied Hinduism and Buddhism. His research and life interest is the intersection of religious traditions and social movements in the contemporary political scene.

Jonathan B. Edelmann

BA in Philosophy - University of California (2002)
MSt in Science and Religion - University of Oxford (2003)
DPhil in Religion - University of Oxford
Senior BA thesis: 'The metaphysical presupposition of neo-Darwinism and their relationship with a Vaishnava theology of nature.'
MSt Thesis: 'The Value of Science: The Perspectives of Contemporary Science, Stephen Jay Gould and Theistic Samkhya'.
DPhil research area: Vaishnavism and the design of living organisms. Vaishnava conceptions of the creation and natural history of the world, in relation to developments in modern biology.