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Cameron Bailey

Cameron is studying for a D.phil. at the Oriental Institute. His main fields of interest are Tibetan and Indian Buddhism and Tantrism.

Megan Robb

MPhil in Modern South Asian Studies - Oxford University (2010)

BA in Indian studies and English literature - Indiana University (2008)


Megan is studying for a DPhil in Oriental Studies. Her areas of academic studies are South Asian Studies and the History of Islam in South Asia. 

Priya Sury

Priya Sury is studying for a Masters in the Study of Religions. Her areas of academic interests are Hinduism and Buddhism. 

Erik Ranstrom

Erik Ranstrom in a Visiting Student from Boston College where he is currently studying for a PhD in Comparative Theology. His interests include Hindu-Christian dialogue and 20th Century Catholic engagement with Vedanta.

Josephine Brill

BA in Mathematics and Economics - Drake University (1980)

MA in Economics - Cornell University (1984)

Josephine is studying for a MSt in Oriental Studies. Her areas of focus are Sanskrit, Sastra, Genre and Metarules.  

Kunchok Dolma

BA in English Literature and Politics - The City University of New York (2009)

Kunchok is pursuing a MPhil in International Relations.

Moriah Rekel Hernandez

Moriah studied macroeconomics and Hinduism. Her area of  academic interest was Macroeconomics in Medicine.

Christopher Wallis

BA in Religion - University of Rochester (2001)
MA - UC Berkley (2003)
M Phil inClassical Indian Religions - University of Oxford (2005)
Christopher's main areas of interest were Shaivism, Tantric Shaivism, and Veda.

Manjari Talent

BA in Anthropology - University of California (1996)
MSt in the Study of Religion - Oxford University (2000)
MSt Thesis: An Analysis of Challenges to the Validity of the Tattva-sandarbha as Representative of the Philosophy of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.
Manjari is presently living in India studying Sanskrit and Hindi and working for a publishing company which specializes in English translations of Sanskrit and Bengali Gaudiya Vaishnava literature. 

Daniel Bender Saver

BA in Religious Studies and Urdu - SOAS (1993)

Daniel studied at the Univesity of Caifornia, Berkeley, USA, where he majored in Religious Studies and Classics.
Daniel was a visiting student to Oxford studying Hinduism and Latin Literature during his stay.