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Meijia Ling

Meijia gained a BA in Sanskrit.

Emily Kilburn

MSc RS in Structuralism - Edinburgh University (2009)
MA RS in Renunciation - Edinburgh University (2010)
Emily is pursuing a DPhil in theology. Her research areas include Aurobindo, Auroville, Utopian theory, Samkhya, structuralism, semiotics and Sanskrit.

Chris Jones

BA in Theology and Religious Studies - Cambridge University (2007)
MPhil in Classical Indian Religion - Oxford University (2009)
Chris is studying for a DPhil in Buddhist Studies, focusing on Indo-Tibetan Tathagatagarbha literature.

Devika Jina

BA in Philosophy - Heythrop College, University of London (2011)

Devika was pursuing an MSt in the Study of Religion. Her area of academic concentration was Hinduism and Chiristianity.

Corin Golding

BA in Hindi and Study of Religions - SOAS (2004)
MA in Buddhist Studies - SOAS (2007)
Corin is pursuing a DPhil in Oriental Studies. His focus is on religious interaction in the Himalayas and the anthropology of the Indian and Tibetan Himalaya.

Frances Girling

Frances is studying for a BA in Theology.

Tristan Edward Elby

BA in Theology of Religious Studies - Cambridge University (2008)
MSt in The Study of Religion - St Peter's College, University of Oxford (2009)
Tristan is working on his DPhil in Theology. His areas of interest are Hindu conceptions of 'sacred time', the 'renouncer' traditions, and Hindu and Buddhist tantric traditions.

Abbie Cavanagh

Abbie is studying for a BA in Theology. Part of her studies involve Hinduism.

Nayan Ashwin Bedia

BA in History - Brunel University (2006)
MA in Religion - SOAS (2008)
MA in History - SOAS (2011)
Nayan is pursuing a D. Phil. in Oriental Studies. His area of academic interest is Hindi literature with a focus on the ideas and representation of auxiliary Gods, Krsna and Siva in the works of Rama-Bhakta Tulsidas.

Nirav Yogesh Piyush Amin

Psychiatric Anthropology - Harvard Medical School (2006)

MBBS - Bart's and the London School of Medicine, Queen Mary's University of London (2008 - 2013)

Nirav completed his MSc in Social Anthropology. His areas of interest are Anthropology of Religion, Hinduism in the Modern Era, and Diaspora studies.