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Sweta Rana

Sweta studied Philosophy and Theology and concentrated on History of Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion.

Ramesh Pattni

BSc (Joint Honors) in Biochemistry and Physiology - King's College, University of London (1978)
MBA - International Management Centre (1986)
MA in Psychology of Religion - Heythrop College, University of London (2010)
MSt in Study of Religion - Oxford University (2011)
Ramesh is pursuing a DPhil on the psychology of Yoga and is developing a model of well-being and flow in positive psychology.
Public Positions Held
Chair of Interfaith Committee - Hindu Forum of Britain
Co-chair - Hindu Christian Forum
Secretary - Council of Dharmic Faiths
Trustee - Chinmaya Mission, UK

Amy Norman

MA (Honours) in Religious Studies - University of Aberdeen (2011)

Amy is currently pursuing an MPhil in Modern South Asian Studies. Her areas of academic concentration include Sanskrit, and Buddhism and gender identity.

Bhavnisha Modi

Bhavnisha is studying for a BA in Classics and Sanskrit

Hursh Mehta

Hursh is studying for a BA in Modern Languages with a focus on the language and literature of Russia and Spain.

Avni Mehta

BA in Study of Religion (Eastern and Western Philosophy, Hinduism and gender) - SOAS (2011)

Avni pursued an MPhil in Modern South Asian studies concentrating on Sanskrit and Hinduism identity and gender.

Anirudh Mathur

Anirudh is studying for a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE). 

Meijia Ling

Meijia gained a BA in Sanskrit.

Emily Kilburn

MSc RS in Structuralism - Edinburgh University (2009)
MA RS in Renunciation - Edinburgh University (2010)
Emily is pursuing a DPhil in theology. Her research areas include Aurobindo, Auroville, Utopian theory, Samkhya, structuralism, semiotics and Sanskrit.

Chris Jones

BA in Theology and Religious Studies - Cambridge University (2007)
MPhil in Classical Indian Religion - Oxford University (2009)