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John O'Connor

John completed a BA in Theology from the University of Oxford.



James David Naylor

James completed hi BA in Theology and Philosophy at Oxford.



Fleur Harris

BA in Theology - Oxford University (2006)
MA in Law and Social Science - SOAS (2007) 
Fleur's BA interest was in world religions, with a focus on Hinduism and Buddhism.
Her focus during her MA was on violence, conflict and development.
Fleur is currently studying to become a Religious studies teacher.

Rev. Martin Ganeri OP

MA, M.Phil. - University of Cambridge

D.Phil. on the doctrines of God and creation in the thought of St Thomas Aquinas and Ramanuja.
Fr Ganeri is a member of the Dominican Order within the Catholic Church. He is currently Prior of the Dominican Priory, in Cambridge. Fr Ganeri is a lecturer in Hinduism at Heythrop College, London. He is also involved in promoting Hindu-Christian dialogue and is a member of the Catholic Bishops' Committee for Other Faiths.

Holly Welsh

Holly is studying for a BA in Theology.

Sumil Thakrar

Sumil is studying for a BA in the Philosophy of Physics.

Vivek Anand Sharma

Vivek studied for a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE). His areas of academic concentration were Knowledge and Reality and Philosophy of the Mind.

Jaideep Shah

BSc in Government and Economics - LSE
MA in Postcolonial Studies - University College of London
Jaideep is pursuing an MPhil in Classical Indian Religions with a focus on Indian and Western Philosophy.

Noelle Richardson

BA in Politics and International Relations - Royal Holloway (2010)

Noelle studied for an MPhil in Modern South Asian Studies. Her areas of academic concentration in Oxford were intellectual history of India, Hindu Philosophy and the Indian caste system.

Anna Rawlings

Anna's studies include a spatial analysis of Hindutva, the relationship between the brahman, renouncer and king in Hindu society and narrative analysis with reference to subalternity. She also has an interest in Islam, writing the particular and universal aspects of Islam into a single narrative.