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Amit Mishra

MBBS in Medecine - Imperial College London (2010)

Amit was studying PPE.

Amit passed away on the 27th February 2013, before the completion of his degree.

Rajan Shah

Rajan is studying for a BA in Classics.

Sasidhar Madugula

Sasidhar is pursuing a MSc in Neuroscience at The Queen's College.

Vibha Selvaratnam

Vibha is studying Mathematics at Oriel College. Her area of academic interest is Mathematical Models in Fluid Dynamics.

Monish Kulkarni

Monish is studying History. He is particularly interested in British and Indian History.

Matthew James Martin

BA in Religious and Theological Studies - Cardiff University (2012)


Matthew is studying for a MSt in Study of Religion. His areas of academic interest are Hindu and Buddhist traditions and Anthropology of Religion.

Kirtan Patel

Kirtan is studying History at Mansfield College.

Shanna Patel

Shanna is pursuing a MSc in Contemporary India. Her areas of interest are Indian Politics since 1947, Indian Political Economy and Human Development in India.

James Michael Macdonagh

 James is pursuing a BA in Theology. His main areas of interest are Hinduism and Sociology of Religion.  

Tushar Shah

BA in Politics, Psychology, Sociology and International Studies - University of Cambridge (2011)

MA in South Asian Studies - School of Oriental and African Studies (2012)

Tushar is pursuing a MSt in the Study of Religion. His areas of focus are Christianity, Hinduism and Nature of Religion.