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Lobsang Nyima Laurent

MA in Archaeology, Ancient History and Engish - University of Lausanne (2003)

Lobsang is pursuing a D.Phil. in Oriental Studies. His field is Tibetan and Himalayan Studies.

Elena Backhouse

Ellie is doing a BA in Theology. She is particularly interested in New testament studies and ancient Greek.

Olivia Porter

Olivia is studying Sanskrit and Oriental Studies.

Phoebe Hunt

Phoebe is doing a BA in Sanskrit. Her main interests are India and Tibet.

Avni Chag

BA in Study of Religion (SOAS)

Avni is currently pursuing a MPhil in Classical Indian. Her areas of academic focus are Sanskrit, Brahmanism and Vaisnavism. The title of her thesis is: An Introduction and Annotated Translation of the Unpublished Second Chapter of Bhāradvāja Samhitā.

Shibanee Sivanayagam

Shibanee is pursuing a BA in PPE. 

Edwin Burlton

Edwin is studying Theology at Oriel College. His areas of academic interest are Christianity, Hinduism and the Psychology of Religion.

Gayathiri Kamalakanthan

Gayathiri is pursuing a BA in Theology. Her areas of academic concentration are Hinduism and the Nature of Religion.

Amit Mishra

MBBS in Medecine - Imperial College London (2010)

Amit was studying PPE.

Amit passed away on the 27th February 2013, before the completion of his degree.

Rajan Shah

Rajan is studying for a BA in Classics.