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Saba Halepota

Saba is studying for an M.Phil. in Modern South Asian Studies.

Liberty King

Liberty is studying Philosophy and Theology

Lobsang Nyima Laurent

MA in Archaeology, Ancient History and Engish - University of Lausanne (2003)

Lobsang is pursuing a D.Phil. in Oriental Studies. His field is Tibetan and Himalayan Studies.

Elena Backhouse

Ellie is doing a BA in Theology. She is particularly interested in New testament studies and ancient Greek.

Olivia Porter

Olivia is studying Sanskrit and Oriental Studies.

Phoebe Hunt

Phoebe is doing a BA in Sanskrit. Her main interests are India and Tibet.

Avni Chag

BA in Study of Religion (SOAS)

Avni is currently pursuing a MPhil in Classical Indian. Her areas of academic focus are Sanskrit, Brahmanism and Vaisnavism. The title of her thesis is: An Introduction and Annotated Translation of the Unpublished Second Chapter of Bhāradvāja Samhitā.

Shibanee Sivanayagam

Shibanee is pursuing a BA in PPE. 

Edwin Burlton

Edwin is studying Theology at Oriel College. His areas of academic interest are Christianity, Hinduism and the Psychology of Religion.

Gayathiri Kamalakanthan

Gayathiri is pursuing a BA in Theology. Her areas of academic concentration are Hinduism and the Nature of Religion.