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Finlay Stroud

Finlay is studying philosophy, theology, and religious studies.

Samuel Horsley

Samuel is pursuing a BA in Theology. His concentration is yoga, tantra, Buddhism, and animal ethics.

Aadya Shukla

Aady is studying Computer Science.

Tilak Parekh

Tilak is pursuing a BA in Theology and Religion. Concentrating on Hindu and Christina theology.

Hope Edwards

Hope is studying Religion.

Anahita Hoose

Anahita is studying Linguistics and Comparative Philology. Her concentration is on linguistics, Latin, Old English, and Sanskrit philology.

Matthew Carlos

Matthew is pursuing a D,Phil in Theology and Religious Studies. His concentration is on monasticism, philosophy, and archaeology. 

Joe McGee

Joe is studying Theology, concentrating on Hinduism and Judaism.

Saba Halepota

Saba is studying for an M.Phil. in Modern South Asian Studies.

Liberty King

Liberty is studying Philosophy and Theology