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Sahasrangshu Sinha

B.Tech in IT and Computer Engineering - University of Kalyani (2004)

Sahasrangshu is studying for an MBA in finance and Entrepreneurship. He is interested in the study of the History of Hinduism.

Brainerd Prince

Bachelor of Commerce - Delhi University (1994)
MA in English - Himachal University (1997)
BA in Divinity - Serampore University, Pune (2001)
Brainerd is pursuing a PhD on Sri Aurobindo's philosophy of religion with a working title:  Embodied Spirit: A Hermeneutical Reading of Aurobindo’s Integral Philosophy with Implications for the Study of Religion under Professor Gavin Flood, Oxford University. Apart from his work on Sri Aurobindo, his research interests include Hermeneutics, Phenomenology and the Academic Study of Religion.