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Nikhil Pandhi

Nikhil is studying for an M.Phil. in archaeology wiht a focus on South Asian Studies.

Aniket De

Aniket is a visiting student from Tufts.

Shreepriya Gopalakrishnan

Shreepriya is pursuing a M.St. in Social Anthropology. Her mains interests are South Asia, women and power in Hindu epics, knowledge and power in corporate socieal hierarchy.

Shoumik Bhattacharya

Shoumik is studying English and Oriental Studies.

Anica Mann

Anica is pursuing an M.Phil. in Classical Indian Religions. Her concentration is in Buddhism, Saivism, Yogini culture, and temples in India and Southeast Asia

Sridhar Poddar

Sridhar is currently on a visiting programme, focusing on English and Economics.

Mahaveer Singhvi

MBA in Management and Law - University of Delhi (2008)

Mahaveer is pursing a Masters in Diplomatic Studies. His areas of interest are International Law and International Relations.


Dr Alok K Mishra

PhD in Psychometric Disorder

MSt in Philosophy

MSt in Clinical Psycology

College: Oxford Department of International Development

Dr Mishra is studying Statelessness and International Law. His area of academic interest is International Development.




Brunda Karanam

BA Honours in Law - National Law School of India University (2011)

Brunda is studying Law at Worcester College.

Shubhangi S. Gokhale

Shubangi is studying at Skidmore College, USA, where she is majoring in Government and East Asian Studies.

She came to Oxford to study Hinduism and British foreign policy.