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Rahul Kulka

Rahul is pursuing a BA in History. His area of focus is the Early Modern History of Europe.

Judith Mueller

Judith was in Oxford on a 'Junior Year Abroad' programme studying Economic Theory and Hinduism.

Currently pursuing a BA in International Relations, Economics, and German, George Washington University, USA.

Melanie Mader

BA (Hons) in Philosophy and Religious Studies - University of Stirling (2005)

Her BA dissertation topic 'The Nyaya-Darsana and its Relation to Western Logic and Scholarship'
Melanie compleated her MSt in Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford, focusing on Sanskrit and Indian logic, particularly the Nyaya system, in 2006

Sophie Von Der Tann

Sophie is studying for a BA in Theology and Oriental Studies.

Verena Hanna Meyer

MA in Philosophy - Universitat Passau (2011)

Verena is pursued a MSt in the Study of Religion. She focused on Hinduism and Buddhism.

Paul Gerstmyr

BA in Oriental Studies (Sanskrit with Old Iranian) - Oxford University (2012) 

Paul is commencing his MA on Tantric Sanskrit. His MA research is on different strata of injunctions for Kubjika, a Shakta-Shaiva Tantric tradition preserved in Nepal. He is also interested in Saiva traditions/Mantrayana interaction, Epics (especially the Mahabharata), transmission of Avesta, and Vedic philology.