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Tanja Louise Jakobsen

Tanja has a BA in the Study of Religions from Aarhus University and is an OCHS student since Michaelmas Term 2016. She is interested in Modern South Asian Studies and International Studies as well as Hinduism and Sanskrit with a focus on women and Haṭhayoga. She is Creative Manager on a translation project of the Haṭhapradīpīka in Danish and has been an intern at the OCHS in Trinity Term 2017, amongst other things responsible for the OCHS Facebook page.

Lena Molin

Lena is a visting student from Denmark. She is studying with Dr Bjarne Wernicke-Olesen and Dr Jessica Frazier.

Gitte Poulsen

Gitte is visiting the OCHS fiorm Aarhus University, Denmark.She is studying Sanskrit, Tantric Shaivism and Shaktism.

Dorte Effersoe Martens

Dorte is a visitng student from Aarhus University, Denmark. She is studying Hinduism and Sanskrit.

Jens Christian Thorstensen

Jens is a visiting student from the University of Aarhus. He is studying hermeneutins and Sanskrit.